RevenueHits Review 2017-Best Adsense Alternative Adnetwork


Revenuehits Review for 2017 & Guide to Get started with Revenuehits.

Have a Blog Or Website & Not getting Approval from Adsense? OR  Bannned from adsense? Looking for an Adsense Alternative Adnetwork? If yes., then Reveuehits is the best Ads platform to choose. Because Revenuehits is a very good alternative to Adsense. Especially if you have an Entertainment Niche website, then Revenuehits is perfect match for your site traffic.

My Experience with Revenuehits

Well I used revenuehits a long time ago. May be a year back. But my site traffic was quite low & at that time revenuehits didn’t performed well with my site traffic. As we all know Revenuehits is mainly a CPA based Adnetwork, we need to have some decent traffic. So I was forced to remove Revenuehits ads due to low earnings.

But when I started A entertainment Niche Website, I decided to try Revenuehits again. I knew revenuehits performs very well with Entertainment Niche Websites. So I placed Revenuehits ads & waited few days. But again first few days the revenue was very low. I contacted their support team about the Issue. They just asked me to wait for atleast a Week because optimization process may take upto a Week.


Then the next day I earned $9.42 from 3932 impression & 279 clicks which was quite good. But very next day I earned only $4 for the same numbers. But still I was happy because at-least I was earning some $$$ rather than Zeros. Finally I earned around $200 in 1 month which is very good earning.


How to Join Revenuehits ?

Revenuehits is very easy to Join Adnetwork. Signup Procedure is simple & easy.

  1. Click here to go to official Revenuehits Signup Page.
  2. Fill up the signup form with required valid information.
  • Revenuehits_signuponce you filled up the signup form, hit signup button. You need to activate your account by confirming activation email.


  • Once you confirm activation, you will reviece another confirmation email. That’s it. You are now ready to earn revenue with Revenuehits.

Revenuehits Validation

Getting Started With Revenuehits.

Revenuehits is a very easy to join Adnetwork. There is No Approval Procedure for new Websites. New members just need to add new site & then they may copy & paste the Ad code to their website. Ads will start to show immediately after successful placement of Ads.

  • Login to Revenuehits Dashboard> Click on Placements tab>Click on New Site>Fillup required information& click save>Now click on New placement

Revenuehits Add New site

Revenuehits New site information

  • Once you added your new site, click on new placement tab to choose your desired ad types. For Desktop traffic there are several Ad types available.
  • some of the best placements are Popunder Ads, Shadowbox, Floating Box for Desktop traffic & mobile dialog Ads suits best for mobile traffic. 
Mobile Placement 

revenuehits Mobile placement

Desktop Placement

revenuehits desktop placement

  • Select your desired ad type for desktop traffic & Mobile traffic & fill up the required information & click on save. Now Click on </> on icon to get Adcode. 

Revenuehits get code

  • Now Just copy & Paste the Adcode to your website. That’s it. You are all set to earn revenue from revenuehits.

Revenuehits Payment 

Revenuehtis supports Paypal, Payoneer & Wire transfer. The minimum payout threshold is $20 only. Once you reach the minimum threshold, RevenueHits pays on a net 30 basis.

  • You can find your accumulated balance under Payment tab.

Earnings revenuehits


How to Add Payment Method?

  • To Add new payment method, GO to Account tab> click on Billing Information > Choose your desired payment processor.

For more Information About Revenuehits, You can read FAQ here.

Referral Program

Every publisher you refer to revenuehits, it is automatically registered under your name.

  • For a publisher with monthly revenues up to $1500, you will receive 5% share from his earnings for one year.
  • For a publisher with monthly revenues over $1500, you will receive 10% share from his earnings for one year.

Revenuehits Referral earnings

How to Refer?

Go to referrals tab on Dashboard & you will find your referral link that has your unique ID. You may copy the code & share wherever you want to refer as many publishers as possible.


Why My Earning with Revenuehits is ZERO?

This is the question asked by many Revenuehits users all over the Internet. I too faced Zero Revenue problems with Revenuehits earlier. But we need to know that Revenuehits is mainly a CPA based Adnetwork. Just impression & clicks on the ads will not going to generate any revenue for you. Clicks need conversions. Revenuehits has variety of offers, mainly CPA & also CPM. The rate of each conversion is based on many parameters such as Geo, Vertical, Model of the campaign. Etc.

How To Earn More revenue with Revenuehits?

LOW CTR = LOW Revenue. Yes., if your CTR is low, then it is common that your earning will also be low. In order to make more money with revenuehits it is strongly recommended to add Pop-under Ad tags & Mobile Ad tags.

  1. You need to monetize your site with Revenuehits pop under ads, which is the best way to make more money.
  2. For Mobile traffic, it is recommended to add Mobile Dialog Ad tags.
  3. If you only prefer Banner Ads, then Use Shadow Box for high CTR.
  4. You must implement ad tags on all your web pages.
  5. Don’t remove ad tags without trying atleast a Week because optimization process may take upto a Week.

Thing to Remember.

Revenues & reports are updated once a day. (ie., 5PM GMT). So don’t panic if you see Zero revenue. Just wait until stats will get updated.

Brief Information

  • Traffic Requirement : None
  • Traffic Accepted : Desktop & Mobile traffic
  • Prohibited content: Adult, Pornographic or mature content, hate speech, harassment type of content, Illegal and others.
  • Language requirement : None
  • Referral Program : Yes
  • Payment Mode: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire
  • Minimum payment : $20 threshold / NET 30 basis.

Revenuehits signup form

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