Worlds Most Dangerous Animals | Extreme Killers

Planet Earth carry so many living species. There are so many extreme animal species we can see on earth. But Some animals are more extreme than other animals. Some animals really are killers. Yes Real creatures some times kill peoples. Let's find out Which animals are the worlds most extreme killers.

#10. Sharks

Sharks are deadliest sea creature. Great white sharks are the deadliest creatures & Kills an avg of 5 people every year. Great white sharks has 56 teeth with seven cm long in length & to keep them sharp, sharks has 7 rows of replacement teeth. So Great white sharks has 392 razor sharp teeth in total. The bite force of the sharks is 10 times more than humans. This explains why sharks are deadliest creatures in water.

#9. Hyenas

Hyenas!! really !! may be you think its wrong. But the fact is Hyenas kills an avg of 50 humans every year. The massive jaws of hyenas & living in group make hyenas the best killers.

#8. Jelly Fish

Jelly-fish stings kills more human life than sharks. In an avg of 55 human life is taken out by jellyfish sting. although it is proved that all jellyfish are not harmful. But still when it comes to most extreme killers, jelly fish is one of the deadliest & unbelievable killer.

Box jelly fish is considered as the most dangerous creature. These transparent creatures are quite difficult to spot on water. Jelly fish  covers more than 4000 million stinging cells in its tentacles. With these stings, Jellyfish injects powerful Neurotoxin which effects the nervous system. This can cause paralysis to heart & lungs. An adult jellyfish sting has the capacity to kill more than 50 people.

#7. The Big Cats

Big cats like Lions, Tigers & leopards are specialized predators that have the size and the speed to take down the animals at-least three times of their body weight. so killing humans would be very easy for these Big cats. The biting force of these animals are way much ahead compared to humans. These big cats kills an avg of 80 peoples every year.

#6. Elephants

Elephants anger is not at all a match to humans.  An angry elephant can crush humans in seconds. The massive jumbo sized creature has the strength to take down a fully grown tree. Elephants kills an avg of 300 people every year.

#5 Scorpions

Scorpions kills an avg on 1000 humans every year which makes them an extreme killer on the planet. Scorpions kills with their venomous tails which has a sting. Through the venomous sting Scorpions injects the venom to opponents body. Actually all scorpions are not so dangerous. only Some of the scorpion species are considered as the dangerous species. 

#4. Crocodiles 

Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous reptiles on the planet. Crocodile kills an avg on 1000 humans every year. The attacks of crocodiles are so brutal. Their bite force is not at all a match to human. Humans has no chance of escape from the powerful jaws of crocodiles. Salt water crocodiles are considered as the most dangerous species of crocodiles. They grow very big in size up-to 7 meter long & weigh over 900Kgs.

#3. The Bees

The bees kills about an avg of 1500 humans every year. The venom of bees can cause Heart attack & strokes. One sting from these killer bees can cause death in just 5 minutes. Now Imagine, How venomous are the stings of Killer bees. Normally Bees don't attack humans purposely. Most of the cases Bees attack to save the honey.

#2. Snakes

Snakes kills an avg of massive 40000 humans every year. There in no need to tell much about Snakes venom. Because every one has the knowledge about how dangerous snakes are. The single bite form a venomous snake can kill a human in just few minutes if he isn't got proper medical treatment on time.

#1. Female Mosquito

Female mosquito is considered as a killing machine. Because she kills more than 3.7 million peoples every year which is a massive number. one of the biggest infections form these creatures is malaria. Malaria is considered as the most deadliest disease & the biggest killer in human history. It is the reason why female mosquito is the most deadliest creature on the planet.

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