Top 15 Best CPM AD Networks For Low Traffic Websites & Blogs

Best CPM Advertising Networks For Small Publishers

Making money online with new websites requires a lot of patience, dedication & passion. As a new publisher with low traffic website, it is difficult to monetize the traffic with popular Ad-networks unless you know marketing techniques. Most of the popular Ad networks require high traffic to Join their network. But still there are so many Ad-networks which Allows small publishers to join their network even with less traffic to monetize their websites. Some of the best Ad-networks are listed below.

Google Adsense


1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best ad network for both low & high traffic blogs. Because Google Adsense doesn't look for Traffic. Getting approval from adsense is not the easy task. Google adsense reviews each & every site before approval. They accept sites with high quality contents. 
  • Traffic requirement: No 
  • Min Payout: 100$
  • Payment Frequency : NET30
  • Payment Method: Check

2. Media.Net

Media.Net is an Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads Program. Media.Net is also the Best alternative for Google Adsense. 

Media.Net offers 100% fill rate across all ad formats. Publishers can get high eCPM for monetizing website traffic with Desktop Interstitial Ads & Display ads which supports all sizes & also monetize mobile traffic from all the devices including iOS, Android devices, tablets & iPads. provides special in-content ad formats for mobile devices with custom designs which ensures seamless browsing experience for users.

There is No Big traffic requirement to Join Media.Net. But they will review each & every website before approval. Websites with quality contents & professional websites may get approval easily. 

Media.Net offers payout modes such as PayPal & wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold is 100$ for PayPal & they pay in NET30 Basis.
  • Traffic requirement: No 
  • Min Payout: 100$
  • Payment Frequency : NET30
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Wire-transfer

3. RevenueHits

Revenue Hits is one of the best alternative for google adsense. Most of the newbie bloggers fails to get approval for adsense because of many reasons. There are so many alternative ad networks, in which they can earn revenue & Revenue Hits is one of them. 

Getting approval from Revenue Hits is not so difficult. It is a CPA based ad network. Just register at revenue hits and place the ad code on the desired website.
  • Traffic requirement: No
  • Min Payout: 20$
  • Payment Frequency : NET-30
  • Payment Method: PayPal, 
  • (Wire Transfer, Payoneer)

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is a in-text ad network which works best on sites with lot of text in it. If your website has high quality contents with lot of text & your website receives good traffic from search engine, then you can earn huge revenue from Infolinks ad network. 

Infolinks best suits for article type of websites. They provide highest click through-rates for publishers. There is no big traffic requirement to join Infolinks ad network. But they review each site before approval. Professional websites with quality contents may get approval easily.
  • Min Payout: 50$
  • Payout frequency : NET45
  • Payout method : PayPal, Check, Wire transfer.

5. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad network. Publishers will get paid for every valid clicks. Bidvertiser ad network is one of the best CPC ad network for publishers with low traffic. 

Publishers will get lot of Ad formats like, Banner Ads (Text Ads), Popup ads, Pop-under Ads to monetize their website to earn high revenue. Bidvertiser ad network offers very low minimum payout of 10$ only. There is no traffic requirement to join this ad network.
  • Min Payout: 10$
  • Payout frequency : NET30
  • Payout method : PayPal, Check, Wire transfer.

6. Chitika

Chitika is one of the best CPC ad Network which suits for small publishers. There is no traffic requirement to Join Chitka. Just signup to to Chitika with proper details & add your website. select desired ad format & place the ad code on your website. That's it. ads will show immediately after you place ad code. You can start earning immediately once the ad code is properly placed. 
The minimum payout threshold is just 10$ with monthly payouts. Payout method is PayPal only & Payouts are made on request. Chitika offers referral commissions. You can refer others to join Chitika. for every referred publishers who start running Chitika ads on their site, you will earn 10% of their revenue for 10 Months.
  • Traffic requirement: No 
  • Min Payout: 10$
  • Payment Frequency : Monthly
  • Payment Method: PayPal (On request)

7. RhythmOne

RhythmOne is formerly called as BurstMedia. RhythmOne is a CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad network which best suits for small publishers. 
But there are some requirement to join RhythmOne Ad network. 
  • Sites Must have 25000 monthly page-views OR 5000 unique page views per month.
  • Site must be in English language. RhythmOne doesn't supports other regional languages.
  • Site Must not contain any Adult contents, Illegal Or harmful contents, copyright contents, Etc. 
  • Site must Reside on a Top-Level domain. 
These are the basic requirements & you can Refer this Link  for more information.
  • Traffic requirement: 5000 unique views/month
  • Min Payout: 25$
  • Payment Frequency : Monthly
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • (Check & wire transfer)

8. Adcash

Adcash is a good Adnetwork which provides great  eCPM for CPC Banner Ads & CPV In-stream Video Ads. But they require minimum 50,000 page views per month to Join their network. It is a bit difficult for new sites to achieve that number. But a well settled professional site with top level domain can get easy approval.
The Minimum payout threshold is 100$ & the payment method is Via PayPal & payout in NET-30 Basis. 

Adcash offers a great range of desktop, in-app & mobile friendly Ad formats such as, Leader-Board, Rectangle, skyscraper, slide-in, In-App footer, In-App Interstitial, In-App Video, Sticky footer,  Interstitial, In-stream Video, Pop-under & Background Ad formats.
  • Traffic requirement: 50,000 page views/month
  • Min Payout: 100$
  • Payment Frequency : NET-30
  • Payment Method: PayPal

9. AdHitz

AdHitz is a CPC (cost per click) Ad network. There is no such traffic requirement to join AdHitz Ad network. All the sites are accepted. Just complete the registration procedure. After registration Add Website & generate the Ad code. After that Just paste the ad code on your website & start making money for every valid click received on the ads. (Adult sites are not accepted)

Note: Publishers are not allowed to click their own ads. They warn you once. repeated own clicks may result in Permanent suspend of account. 

Adhitz offers display,Text-link ads with different ad formats to monetize your website. The minimum payout threshold is just 25$ only & Payments are made via PayPal & Wire transfer & They pay in NET-30 basis.
  • Traffic requirement: NO
  • Min Payout: 100$
  • Payment Frequency : NET-30
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Wire-transfer.

10. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the top CPM ad network. They offer Display Ads, On-click popup & pop-under ads, Mobile Ads. 

PropellerAds require 10k daily traffic to display Banner-Ads. This is quite big no for low traffic blogs. But still Propellerads is very good ad network. so its worth joining this ad network as publisher. They don't require any traffic for popup & pop-under ads. Publishers with low traffic can monetize their website with popup & pop-under ads.
  • Traffic requirement: NA
  • Min Payout: 50$
  • Payment Frequency : NET-10
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire-transfer.

11. AdMediaKing

AdMediaKing is a famous Premium based CPM ad network. Admedia king is best suitable for small publishers with less website traffic. Publishers will get multiple ad formats, Popup & Pop-under ads with 100% fill rates. 

AdmediaKing is the best Ad-network when it comes to payout. Because payout threshold is just 2$ only & payments can be withdrawn every 15-days. Payments are made via PayPal, Check & Bank Transfer. 
Traffic requirement:
  • 5000 page-views per month.
  • PTP, PTC, Auto-surf traffic & Bot traffic are not accepted. 
  • Adult websites, pirated, websites with Illegal contents are not accepted.
  • Traffic requirement: 5000 page-views / Month
  • Min Payout: 2$
  • Payment Frequency : NET-15
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Wire-transfer.

12. Quadabra

Quadabra is another good  CPM base ad network which best suits for small publishers with low website traffic. There is no big traffic requirement to Join Quadabra Ad network. New users just need to signup using simple registration form with proper details. Then the Quadabra team members will manually review your website for approval. 

Benifits of joining Quadabra is they offer Rich Media Ads with 100% global coverage. Publishers from around the world can join this Ad network. Quadabra is best When it comes to payments. The minimum Payout is Just 1$ onlyPayments are made via PayPal, Payoneer & Bank Transfer.
  • Traffic requirement: NO
  • Min Payout: 1$
  • Payment Frequency : NA
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire-transfer.

13. ConversantMedia

ConversantMedia is formerly called as ValueClickMedia. Conversant media is famous CPC based Ad-network. There is no big traffic requirement to join Conversant Ad network. Conversant accepts websites with just 3000 Page views per month. But they accept only high quality websites with top level domain. They don't accept free-hosted websites. Free hosted blogs and sites are not accepted by Conversant Ad network.
  • Traffic requirement: 3000 page-views/month
  • Min Payout: 25$
  • Payment Frequency : NET-30
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Wire-transfer.

14. Adotize

Adotize is a latest Network. Publishers can monetize their Videos, Display & mobile traffic with Adotize ad network. they offer high eCPM. 

There is no big traffic requirement to join Adotize Ad network. But they review each website before approval. Websites must be original with quality contents.  & they look for Domain rights & agreements, website traffic source Etc. But Good, Neat and professional websites with quality contents can get approval very easily. 

The minimum payout threshold is just 1$ only with Monthly payouts. Payments are made via PayPal & Wire Transfer.
  • Traffic requirement: NA
  • Min Payout: 1$
  • Payment Frequency : NET-30
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Wire-transfer.

15. YllixMedia

YllixMedia offers lot of ad formats for publishers to monetize their website with 100% worldwide fill rates. There is no minimum traffic requirement to join YllixMedia Ad network. All sites are accepted immediately after signup. They even accept adult sites. 

YllixMedia offers CPC, Popup, Pop-under & Mobile Ads to monetize websites with good eCPM. Publishers can even refer others to join YllixMedia as they offer 2% if lifetime commissions.
  • Traffic requirement: NO
  • Min Payout: 1$
  • Payment Frequency :Daily
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Wire-transfer.

Newly Added to the List


  • Traffic requirement: NO
  • Min Payout: 50$
  • Payment Frequency :Bi Monthly
  • Payment Method: PayPal Or Cheque.

Top Popup/  Ad networks for Publishers with Low / No traffic requirement

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