If it wasn’t for bees, flowers would not get pollinated and we would have no Honey. here’s all about these busy bugs, and their live’s work. 

Bee society honeybees are sociable creatures and live in highly organized colonies. There are three types of bees.

1. Queen Bee
The queen Bee is the mother of all the bees in the colony. There is only one queen bee. She is the only one to lay eggs, which she does in fantastic numbers as many as 2000 eggs per day.

2. Drones 
Drones are the male bees. Their only task is to fertilize the queen.s eggs and they die in the process. Drones are banished from the hive before winter. 

3. Workers
The worker bees are all females and these are the bees we see visiting flowers. There are usually thousands of worker bees (around 60000+) in a hive during high summer when pollen and nectar are easily available. This number goes down to about 6000 over the winter. 

One Worker Bee lives for only a month. In the period of one month One worker bee produces 1/2 Tea spoon of honey. 

Works for worker bees:  
  • Honey bees feed each larva with honey and pollen for six days. 
  • On day six, they seal up each larva’s cell, so it can become a pupa. 
  • They produce more wax in order to make more honeycomb with it. 
  • They clean and repair each cells. 
  • If hot weather is coming they beat their wings more and more in order to ventilate the hive.
  • They feed and groom the queen almost 80 times a day. 
  • They also feed the drones and they also feed each other. 
  • The field bees go out to gather nector, pollen and water so they can feed Queen bee and drone bees.
Shapes and sizes

Queen bee : she is the longest bee among all bees. She has shortest wings. She grow about 20mm (3/4 inches) in size. 

Drone Bees: The Drone bees are larger bees than worker bees. They have no stinger or pollen sacs. They grow about 15mm (1/2 inches) in size. 

Worker Bees: The worker bees are the smallest bees. they are the busiest bees among all bees. Their legs have little pollen sacs on them, which they fill up on their travels. They grow about 8mm (1/4 inches) in size.

Honey comb is made by bees out of wax they make in their “wax glands”. The cells are for storing honey and raising grubs.

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