photosynthesis is a process used by plants to survive. Plants use light energy from the sun to produce the food they need to survive. This process is called as Photosynthesis.



Light shining down from the sun is absorbed by the plant’s cells. These tiny cells are what make up the plant and its leaves. 


Inside some of these cells is a special ingredient called chlorophyll. This is the compound that traps the sun’s light to start the process of photosynthesis. 


Water and carbon dioxide are two of the main ingredients needed for photosynthesis. These two substances are made of many smaller parts called molecules. 
Water molecules contains Oxygen molecules & Hydrogen molecules. Photosynthesis stripes away the hydrogen atom leaving only oxygen. Then, the hydrogen atoms are mixed together with the carbon dioxide to make a sugar the plant can use as its food.


The oxygen which is left from the transformation is released back into the air. The sugar created by photosynthesis is sent to the rest of the plant for food. 
Fact : Without Photosynthesis there could be no Oxygen. Without oxygen there could be no life on earth. 

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