Peoples have been writing with pencils for centuries. But Did you ever wonder how they were invented Or what they are made from & how the writing bit gets into the middle ?

Birth of Pencils

Early in the year 1500, Some of the shepherds noticed hard black lumps around the roots of a fallen tree in Cumberland (Cumbria), Borrowdale Parish, England.
At first they thought it was coal & they try to burn it. But it wouldn’t burn. Soon after they found it was great for marking Sheeps. They started to mark the Sheeps. This became the basement for the invention of Pencils. Actually the first pencils were pieces of graphite wrapped up in Sheepskin. 

How Pencils are made ?

Most of the Pencils are made with graphite which is mixed with clay binder. First graphite chunks are grounded into coarse grains. then special clay is combined with the ground graphite. This results a breadcrumb substance called pellet mix, which then converted into pencils. 
Graphite leaves black mark which is very easy to erase with erasers. Graphite pencils are used for both writing & drawing purposes. 
DARKER pencils are softer and contains more graphite.

LIGHTER Pencils are harder and contain more clay in it.

Interesting Info:

A new pencil has enough graphite in it, which can be used to draw a line almost 56km (35miles) long. 

FACT : Pencil lead is not lead at all. It is Graphite, which is mined from ground. 

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