Brain is the organ  which is the center of the nervous system in most of the species. Only few of the species such as Jelly fish, star fish, Sponge and Sea squirts don’t have Brain. 

The Brain consists of three main parts

1. Forebrain
Controls all of our thoughts. Forebrain function is to sense things, motor functions, emotions & controls hungryness. 
2. Midbrain
Midbrain controls auditory and visual reflexes as well as awareness.
3. Hindbrain
Hindbrain controls co-ordination and analysis of senses.

The Brain consists of Two Hemispheres.

1. Left Hemispheres
Left Hemispheres are for analytical thoughts.
2. Right Hemispheres
Right Hemispheres are for Creative thoughts.
Interesting Fact: 20% of the oxygen we inhale is used by the Brain. 
“Men process information primarily for the left side of the brain. 
Women tend to process information from both sides at the same time.” 
Brain has 1,00,000 miles worth of blood vessels which is enough to circle the earth four times. 

Brain has about 100 Billion Neurons. These are the cells known as the gray matter which process all information. 
Does What you eat effects your brain ?
Yes. One of the study showed people who ate lunch without preservatives or artificial dyes has higher IQ. 
Another study showed people the ate seafood at least once a week had a 30% of lower occurrence of dementia. 

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